Digital Content Certification



The Digital Content Certification Program (phase 1) is available to help Deseret News, KSL, Deseret Connect, and DMC Newsroom journalists, content editors, producers, etc. become better equipped to make their voice heard, found, read, and shared in a complex digital universe.

The training will address three areas:  

     1) Creating a Social Presence and Garnering Traffic
     2) SEO and Writing for the Web
     3) Link Exchanges

The certification includes training materials, a vocabulary quiz, a task-based assessment, and then a certification award.  We want phase 1 certification to be as simple as possible to obtain.  Phase 2 certification will be available for advanced digital staff in the future.


1.  Read Expected Learning Outcomes

2.  Review the Assesment Tasks and Supporting Training Resources &  Materials

3.  Take a Basic Concepts & Vocabulary Quiz in Deseret Connect.
      (Create a Deseret Connect account if you do not have one. Please notify Jake Hancock once you have established your account.)

4.  Complete all Assesment Tasks.  Once complete, check off tasks in Deseret Connect.  

5.  Receive your "Digital Content Certification" Diploma!