Digital Content Certification: Check-Off all Assessment Tasks in Deseret Connect


Now that you have completed all 20 tasks as described in the training section, you can go check-off these tasks in the Deseret Connect system.

To check-off assessment tasks, proceed as follows. Before doing this be sure to contact Jesse Stay at to get the certification task list added to your Deseret Connect account!:

1. Log in to Deseret Connect

2. Go to your home page dashboard and click on "Digital Content Certification" under your My To-Do List

3. Check-off each assessment task and provide details as requested

     Note:  You can "save and finish later" at anytime while completing the assessment form as it may take some time to complete.

4. Once all tasks marked as complete, submit for review by the Deseret Connect system

5.  After your assessment task submission has been reviewed, you will be notified that you have officially achieved certification


Congratulations!  You are now offically certified and recieve your Digital Content Certification Diploma.