Deseret Content Certification: Assessment Tasks & Training Resources


In order to pass certification, you will need to complete the following 20 tasks and understand the language and concepts of the industry.  Links to training resources, including "how-to's", are provided for each task.  


Before You Begin...

What you need to know as a journalist regarding the importance of social media
    The Value of "Side Doors"

Social Presence and Garnering Traffic


  1. Set up Twitter account  
        Twitter 101: How Should I get started using Twitter?
        10 Steps to Start on Twitter
       How to Maximize Your New Twitter Profile

  2. Tweet 30 times, 15 times with embedded URLs  
       The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines
       How to Write the Perfect Tweet
       Writing Compelling Tweets

  3. Retweet 10 times people in your beat or DMC colleagues  
       How To: Retweet on Twitter

 4. Get your tweet retweeted 5 times  
      5 Ways to Write Retweetable Tweets

 5. Add a photo to a tweet 
      Link: How to Add a Picture
      How to Add a Photo to Twitter

 6. Follow 30 twitter accounts within your area of emphasis / beat  
      Link: How to Follow Others
      How to Find the Right People to Follow on Twitter
      Directory of Journalists on Twitter

  7. Get 100 Twitter followers  
       Link: Promoting Your Profile
       How to Grow a Twitter Following



  8. Set up Facebook Subscribe Account 
       Link: About Facebook Subscribe
       How to Set up Facebook Subscribe for Journalists
        Facebook Subscribe Button: A getting started guide
       The Complete Guide to Facebook's Subscribe Button

  9. Get 15 Facebook Subscribes
       Link: How to get More Subscribers
       Facebook Subscribe for Journalists: What Works and What Doesn't
       40 Tips to Help Journalists Turn Facebook into the Ultimate News Portal
       How to Grow Your Subscribers List - 50 Tips and Techniques to Build Your List
       5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Exposure

  10. Post 5 stories to your Facebook subscribers
       How do I post public updates to my subscribers?

  11. Get 5 stories posted on DMC Facebook pages
       Contact DDM's Social Media Director, Jesse Stay (, and he can help you know which Facebook Pages we own and how you can get your articles shared to those Pages.

Google Plus

  12. Set up Google Plus Account
       Link: Get Started in 5 Steps
       Journalists, meet Google+ (for reals this time)
       Increase Search Engine Results Clickthrough with Goolge+ Authorship

  13. Create Google Plus Profile
       List of Recommended Journalists on Google+

  14. View/Verify your Google Plus profile photo appearing beside your story in a search
       How to Set Your Profile Photo
       How to Prepare for AuthorRank and Get the Jump on Google
       Why Journalists Should Care About Google Author Rank A Lot More Than Amazon Author Rank
       (IMPORTANT!)Author information in search results (Use Option 1 - it may take a couple weeks for your profile photo to show in search results. Test with the Rich Snippets tool at!)

SEO and Writing for the Web

  15. Write at least one web-only story
Writing for the Web - Ways of Writing News Stories for the Web
How to write viral web content
Forget SEO: Here's How to Write a Post That Goes Viral

  16. Choose 2 keyword terms with at least 1000 monthly searches and show your story appearing on Page 1 of a Google News or Web search
How To Do Keyword Research - The Beginners Guide to SEO
How to Find Profitable Keywords For Your Website

  17.  Get 30 social shares of a story

9 Reasons Why Your Content Is Not Shared on Social Networks: New Research
How to Get Your Content Shared More on Pinterest


Link Building

  18. Develop list of at least 20 link contacts in your area of emphasis / beat
How to Build a First-Class Email List in 30 Days from Scratch
Building Your E-mail List

  19.  Send at least one story via email, Twitter, Facebook messaging, or text to link contacts above 

  20.  Get at least one link to your story on any third party site (blog, aggregator, curator, etc., such as CougarFan, LDSLiving, RealClearPolitics, FamilyNews, etc.)
Talk to Nathan Gwilliam ( or Jesse Stay ( to arrange an article on one of the DDM-owned sites, or use your list from above to get it outside our network!



The Language & Concepts of the Discipline

Next you will spend some time learning basic industry terms, and take a simple quiz testing your knowledge of those terms. Click to continue!