Welcome to Deseret Academy

Pursuing Excellence Through Training. A DDM & Deseret Connect Resource.

Welcome to Deseret Academy

At Deseret Digital Media, we believe in pursuing excellence. In fact, that principle is so important that it is one of the specific values stated in our company's mission. That highlighted value includes the promise that our employees are "passionate about innovation and about delivering extraordinary results." Ongoing training and education helps our company achieve that mission and promise. We have established Deseret Academy as a place for employees, contributors, and others to improve their skills and become excellent in their craft. Come back often to see what training programs and other offerings are available on this web site.

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Digital Content Certification

The digital content space is ever evolving with a multitude of sources and creators, all with different voices. How do you stand out and get your voice found and heard? The Digital Content Certification will help you create an online social presence and create content that is more likely to be found, read, and shared. The certification addresses three different areas: 1) Creating a Social Presence and Garnering Traffic; 2) SEO and Writing for the Web; and, 3) Link Exchange. The certification includes training materials, a vocabulary quiz, a task-based assessment, and then certification award.

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Others Programs Coming Soon

Currently, Deseret Academy is only offering the Digital Content Certification. Check back soon for other training programs and educational opportunities.